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Financial Education Gamified

Understanding how money works is essential to make correct and informed financial decisions.

Students who don't understand financial concepts are likely to make suboptimal financial decisions throughout their lives, ending up with poorer results.

After spending many years in this field we realised an experiential style of learning was required to help students grasp financial concepts. We designed the Finshark Personal Finance game to provide a practical approach to financial education going beyond academic curriculum. 

The Finshark app helps students get an intuitive understanding of how money works and build better financial habits through gamification. We use a "learning by playing" approach to make learning finance as fun as browsing TikTok!

The game app is accompanied by the Finshark Textbook that teachers can use to teach financial lessons in the classroom. The material has been specifically designed to cater to middle and high school students. 

Use the contact form below to learn more about how finshark can enhance your financial education program. 

Quick Facts

Complete Curriculum

Years of Experience

Engaged Students 

Built by Experts

Financial Education | Personal Finance Games For High School Students

The finshark team comprises of finance professionals and educational experts. 

Our financial education material is being used in several schools in the Asia-Pacific region under the brand name Mactech. 

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