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Budgeting skills


  Improve Your  Financial Skills

The most epic way to learn personal finance

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Finshark is a simulation based personal finance game that improves financial skills and helps build better financial habits.
The game covers all elements of personal finance like budgeting, investing, building credit scores and buying assets.

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Build up your budgeting skills

  • Develop a Savings Mentality. 

  • Learn to differentiate between Needs & Wants.

  • Identify psychological pitfalls that cause you to overspend.

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Learn budgeting and Saving. Needs versus Wants.
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Learn investment strategies

  • Understand how to invest and build long-term wealth. 

  • Learn to adapt to the ups and downs of the stock market.

  • Unlock investment strategies that compound your money.

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Learnt to Invest in Stock Markets using SIP
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Credit Scores

Build Credit Wisely

  • Learn to use Credit Cards responsibly.

  • Understand mistakes that lead to unexpected fees and charges.

  • Practice building a good Credit Score.

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How to build a good credit score.

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For Educators

Try finshark in the classroom!
Use our app and companion books to make financial education classes fun.

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Gen-Z for Financial Literacy is a 501(c)(3) charity  that delivers educational content through its Money Moves podcast, monthly newsletter, and social media platforms


Yestech is a leading educational platform based in the Phillippines. Yestech provides end-to-end school management solutions. 

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